Garment Design

The design team of Goshen creates new styles non-stop throughout the year. Regardless of whether customers may come to us with an available style or  apply to us to conceptualize their products, to start model development and prototype activities with the brainstorming of our designers, with the fashion trend predictions and innovative technology and create the model at the concept desired by our customers, is only one of Goshen’s  duties.

Creating Seasonal Special Collections of Companies

•      Goshen  works in close contact with its customers and assists brands in creating their special collections. With the awareness of this responsibility  we earnestly work to offer a collection, in a range that is even broader than what our customers have expected. We follow up on the contemporary fashion trends, create our own collections but do not limit ourselves only with  the collections we have developed but also we offer those of all our partner factories styles, and thus  we offer thousands of new styles to our customers each season.



Contact: Goshen

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