Goshen Company conducts its activities successfully since 2011 with the production plant 11000 m2 in total, 1000m2 of which has been using for the R&D department and with the separated merchandising office in city center.

Goshen offers all kind of outwear such as Coats, Jackets, Raincoats, Parkas, Trench coat, padding coats, Vests etc. The major advantage of the company is its location in Wenzhou, deemed as the heart of the sector, as well as the ability to create special collections for its customers by the R&D department within its own organization. We have assumed the goal of being a long-term strategic partner for our valued customers in China by our qualified team, specialized in their fields and our customer satisfaction focused business understanding. We are fully assured that you also will be satisfied with the services that we are offering to the leading brands in Europe and around the world. We would like to express that we will be proud to serve your valued company .



Contact: Goshen

Phone: 0086-13968993495

Tel: 0086-0577-86788851


Add: Head Office add:Room 401, Building C2, No. 81 Zhonghui Road, (Ouhai Financial Services Center), Ouhai District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

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